About kate mercer photography Jamestown R.I.

              Kate's clients receive the benefit of her technical mastery honed over decades but it is her artistic eye that makes her portraits striking. Whether it is a direct connection with the camera or a space Kate creates for her subjects to share a part of themselves, the portraits she creates are genuine. She strives to convey the essence of a person, family or even place by first seeing it and then painting it with natural light.

              Her passion for family portraits has evolved as her own extended family has grown. The significance of recording the group along with being a part of it has led her to believe it is perhaps the most important subject she can photograph.

             Always passionate about children, there isn't an age that Kate doesn't say is the best. Honored to be the first to photograph newborns, humored by toddlers and intrigued by all the rest. Her children's portraits are in homes all throughout the area.

           She is based in Jamestown RI and even though photographing in far off places is high on her list, she values the qualities in the small New England town. She is a longtime contributor to Pequotsepos, L&M, The Aquarium, The Mystic Library and various other organizations. She enjoys teaching and is always willing to help enthusiasts.
           What is conveyed in her work is her joy in the process of photographing people combined with her desire to create artistic portraits.